Here at HONEY JEWELRY, we design and create
pieces that are Meaningful, personalized, Timeless, and Versatile.
Each item is a statement piece love, friendship and memories unforgutabbless, beliefs and things that are significant, true, and valuable to you.

The name HONEY JEWELRY describes the fascination with the world of bees of: Mayra Berrú (founder and owner of both the brand and the company)
More than a family nickname "Maya bee" she analyzed the spiritual world of bees and found a spiritual meaning;
associated with hard work, perseverance and abundance. In addition, bees show great perseverance to achieve their goals, something that they achieve with effort and without ever giving up, analyzing the work in modus operandi as a multidisciplinary creative.
Our founder has a long journey with experience in the jewelry field since 2012, she opened her first store as a university student of Economics and Finance in her native country: Peru, her capacity for creation and curiosity led her to travel the world, where he met many countries where jewelry was created and was able to expand his vision, mission and creativity.
In 2019 she decided to move to Colombia to study and specialize in Fine and High Jewelry, at the Colombian school of jewelry EALFI and now with greater knowledge and experience from Colombia she once again opened her creative honeycomb where she could offer her visual concept with open doors worldwide.

Our collections consist of a variety of high-quality and timeless staple pieces. Each design can stand on its own and is yet versatile enough to be mixed and matched as you like. Everything we offer, from the jewelry to the packaging is designed by us with much joy, dedication and love.

Our motto: Small details and big emotions.
With this we summarize the soul of our brand, easy-to-wear jewelry created to revive your favorite memories and foster the emotional bond between you and your favorite and loved people.
Our collections are an act and manifesto of appreciation and affection that are told with writings, photos and drawings.
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